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September 2017


September 4:  Labor Day
September 10:  Grandparents Day
September 11:  Patriot Day
September 21:  Rosh Hashanah
September 22:  Autumn Begins
We will be closed on Sept. 4th for Labor Day!
Happy Birthday to anyone who has a birthday this month!


We will have a Parent Advisory Meeting on Saturday, September 16th at 11:30am at Kiddie Kingdom, Lenoir City.  The topic of this meeting will be on Program Improvement.  If you are interested in attending this meeting, please sign up with your center's site director.  This meeting gives parents the opportunity to provide input on the things we teach and any changes they would like to see.  Your opinions matters to us.  If you are unable to attend this meeting and would like to offer your input, please write it down and submit to your site director.  Your feedback is important.


We are asking that every child (not just potty training children) have a full set of extra clothes (shirt, pants, underwear and socks) left at daycare in your child's cubby.  This is for messy play, food/drink spills, and/or foreseen potty accidents.  We try to keep extra clothes on site but our extra clothes supply is running low due to clothes being worn home and not returned.  We also ask that if your child is sent home in daycare clothes, please return them so that they may be used again for another child.  If we do not have clothes for your child and they do have an accident, then we will have to call you to either pick up your child or bring us extra clothes.  We appreciate your cooperation in this matter.


With the change in the seasons and cooler temperatures coming, please remember to send your child in weather appropriate clothing and a jacket.  Please remember to send your child in shoes each day because outdoor play is an important part of our program.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Due to the devastation in the path of Hurricane Harvey, we will be accepting donations to send to hurricane relief efforts in Texas.  We have been in contact with several organizations on what items are in the greatest need.  As of right now, we do not have that list because they are still unable to get people in there to assess the damage and the need.  We are hoping to have more information during the week of Labor day.  As soon as we have an idea of what is the greatest need then we will post and hand out information on what we will be collecting and who we are partnering with.  Thank you for any and all help that you are able to provide.  Prayers for Texas.

As always, we appreciate your business!

Thank you for allowing us to serve all your child care needs!