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101 HARMON LANE LENOIR CITY, TN  37771    (865) 986-3237

23202 WEST LEE HIGHWAY PHILADELPHIA, TN 37846  (865) 458-1663


Parent Name___________________________ Phone#:___________________________

Please indicate ways that you would like to be more involved in your child's preschool program.

____Yes _____No  I would like to be a member of the Parent Advisory Counsel.

____Yes _____No  I would like to help with the Kiddie Kingdom Newsletter.

____Yes _____No  I would like to collect art supplies for projects when needed, such as paper towel rolls, etc.

____Yes _____No  I would like like to share my special talent or interest with the children if I can work it into my schedule.  My talent/interest is ____________________.

____Yes _____No I would like to participate in planning parent programs.

____Yes _____No  I would be interested in attending parent education classes on tipics such as; parenting methods, discipline, child abuse, child development, etc.

____Yes _____No  I, or my child's grandparent or relative would like to volunteer to read to the children on occasion.

Volunteer's Name___________________________Phone#________________________

Volunteer's Name___________________________Phone#________________________

____Yes ____No  I would like to look for program supplies, when needed, at garage sales (dress up clothes, etc.)

____Yes ____No  I would like to help solicit donations for special program events.

Other ways I would like to be involved__________________________________________