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Medication can be a very important part of your child's daily care at Kiddie Kingdom.  The staff and management are very aware that there are times that your child may need to receive medication while they are in our care.  Therefore, a medication policy has been implemented to better insure the safety of all the children in our care.

All medication must be labeled with your child's name on the bottle.  Medication must be in the original container.  We will not accept homemade bottles or zip lock bags containing medicine.  All medication must be signed in on the Centers medication form according to the Medication instruction sheet.  If a medication sheet is not filled out (filled out completely) then medication WILL NOT be given.

Each morning when your child arrives at the Center you will need to give your child's medication to the person in charge (Brian, Crystal in Lenoir City) or (Bob, Jessica in Philadelphia) with your completed medication form.  All medication will be stored in a locked container and the container will be stored in a locked cabinet.  A member of management will be the only people to administer medication.  There is to be NO medication left in children's diaper bags.  This is to ensure the safety of all the children in the center.

Kiddie Kingdom will only give over the counter medications with a doctor's note.  The doctor's note needs to state the child's name, name of medication, reason for medication, and correct dosage for the medication.  We will give bug spray, sunscreen, and diaper rash ointment without a doctor's note, as long as a Medication Form is completed by the parent/guardian.  Breathing treatments can be given without a doctor's note. as long as the medicine is in the original prescription box with the child's name on it and a medicine form is completed.   Kiddie Kingdom will continue to give prescription medications with a completed medication form.

Kiddie Kingdom will give medication as it is prescribed, but is limited to the amount of times that we will give it.  For example, if a medication (antibiotic) is to be given 3 times a day then Kiddie Kingdom will only give it 1 time during the day.  We will not give medication like this more than once a day.  However, if your child is on a medicine (ex. cough medication) that needs to be given every 4 hours, we can give that with a doctor's note (unless prescription) and medication form completed.  If you have any questions about your child's medication, please see your Site Director (Brian or Jessica) or another member of management.

If we all follow this medication policy then all of the children in our centers will be much safer.  This policy is not meant to cause an inconvenience to anyone and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter.


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