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My name is Connie Hicks.  I am the lead teacher in the nursery at Kiddie Kingdom #2.  I have worked at Kiddie Kingdom for 15 years.  I have 3 children and 3 grandchildren whom I love with all of my heart.  I am 52 years young and have my CDA and am working towards my Technical Certificate.  I have worked in childcare for over 32 years now and I will be a lifer because I love my job and I love what I do.

My name is Randall Brookshire.  I am 59 years old.  I am married to Sherry and have 4 children and 6 grandchildren.  I have lived in Loudon County went graduated from Loudon High School.  After receiving my B.S. from Tennessee Wesleyan College, I taught school in Etowah.  Then I went to work in Loudon County at Fort Loudon Middle School for 26 years.  I have done any job you could possibly think of in this area during summer when school was out .  I retired from teaching in 2004 after 31 years.  I came to work at Kiddie Kingdom in 2005.  I work with the school-age children.  When I retired from teaching I was not going to work with children any more, but after a lot of prayer and things, I realized something; God had made me to work with children.  1) To be a positive role model, 2) Teach ethics and morals, 3) Manners and respect.  I have loved my time working here and plan to continue until God tells me not too.

My name is Crystal Ward.  I am the Site Director for Kiddie Kingdom II in Lenoir City.  I am 34 years old and I have 3 children ages 14, 12, and 7.  I graduated high school Lenoir City High School in 2002.  I currently have a Child Development Associate and Technical Certificate from Roane State.  I have 13 years experience in childcare and 10 years with Kiddie Kingdom Daycare.  I love working in childcare because I love that each new day brings new adventure.

My name is Hannah Selvidge.  I'm 23 years old and I have a 5 year old daughter.  I live in Loudon with her and her father.  I went to Roane State through TECTA to receive my CDA.  I have been working in childcare for almost 2 years now.  I love working in childcare because little ones are so fun to be around.  I am here to teach, guide, and have fun with them.  Everyday is an exciting adventure.

My name is Sierra Sartin.  I am 22 years old, I've been blessed with a boyfriend and 4 girls.  I have worked at Kiddie Kingdom since October 2014.  I have some education for my CDA.  I'm currently enrolled in school to be a dental assistant.  I love working with children because they are bright and loving.  It makes me feel good that I can teach them new things, care, and love them like my own.  God has truly blessed me with the ability to work with children.

My name is Karri Jones.  I am 19 years old.  Currently, I am a sophomore at Tennessee Wesleyan University.  I am working towards my Bachelors in Science of Nursing.  After graduation, I hope to become a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse.  I have been working at Kiddie Kingdom Daycare for almost 2 years.  I have taken a variety of different training courses that help to prepare me for these age groups.  I am in a variety of different places ranging from the big infant room to the school aged children.  I have found that working in childcare is one of the most rewarding experiences and I love it so much.  I love being able to teach children about life and help them grow in their personalities.

My name is Amanda Collins .  I am the lead Little Pre school teacher and have worked at Kiddie Kingdom for 2 years.  I have three children, 2 boys and 1 girl, who are my entire world.  I am 29 years old and have worked in childcare for a little over 7 years.  Children are my passion.  When I graduate college, I'm hoping to be an occupational therapist in the school setting.

My name is Tina Hunt and I am 53 years old.  I've been married for 14 years and have one daughter.  I have only been in childcare for 5 months but my experience has came from being a foster parent, and TECTA training.  I just love going to work it is so rewarding!

My name is Kim Jones, I am 46 years old.  I have 2 children Tyler 23 and Karri 19.  I graduated from Lenoir City High School and received my CDA from Roane State.  I have been working with children since 2006.  I have been on the school side.  I love interacting with the kids and learning all their different personalities.

My name is Staci Silvey, I am 26 years old.  I have been married for 5 years.  I have 2 children, ages 5 years and 2 years.  I've been in childcare total for about four years.  I love working with kids because I love seeing them succeed in different milestones in their lives.  I graduated from Loudon High School in 2009 and have 2 years of early childhood development.  I have also done TECTA.

My name is Maria Vega and I am 23 years old.  I have a 3 year old who means the world to me.  I have been with Kiddie Kingdom for 6 years now.  I changed my career to be a Breastfeeding Peer Counselor and work for Public Health for over 2 years.  I am Bilingual and I am currently finishing school to become a Dental Assistant.  I have my TECTA orientation as well.  I like working in childcare because I have the opportunity to make an impact on a child's life.

My name is Crystal Johnson and I am 34 years old.  I graduated from Lenoir City High School in 2002.  My family and I lived in Lenoir City.  I am happily married to my husband for 11 years.  We have 2 beautiful children and they are 8 and 4.  I started working at Kiddie Kingdom in Lenoir City, March 2016.  I am also certified on first aid & CPR.  I love working with kids cause they are so smart, bright and I love teaching them new things.  I am in the TECTA training.

My name is Tashia Johnson.  I am a 38 year old mother of 1.  I am a bus driver and assistant teacher at the Kiddie Kingdom in Lenoir City.  I have been working at Kiddie Kingdom since 2016.  I am in the process of obtaining my CDA.  I love working with children because it fives me the opportunity to inspire, motivate encourage and teach new things to them.

My name is Sena Seals and I am 35 years old.  I have been at Kiddie Kingdom for 9 years.  I am currently the Lead teacher in big preschool.  I am engaged and have been blessed with 5 beautiful children (3 boys and 2 girls).  I love working with children and having the opportunity to teach and guide them and be a positive role model.  Loving them as my own and getting the opportunity to watch them grow.

My name is Maura Hess.  I am 18 years old.  I am a freshman at Roane State Community College.  I'm studying Early Childhood Education to be a 2nd grade teacher in a public school.  I've been working at Kiddie Kingdom Daycare in Lenoir City since May 2017.  I love working in childcare because I love watching kids learn and make new friends.  I love watching them overcome a task they may have been struggling with and succeed in things that were once challenging.

My name is Faith Hickey and I am 18 years old.  My experience with children has been through babysitting until I began working at Kiddie Kingdom in September 2017.  I am about to start school to become a Radiology tech.  I love children and all jobs I have had have been with children.  I have always wanted to work in a daycare atmosphere and was very excited when I had the opportunity come available.  Working with children puts a smile on my face.  Making them happy and to see them smile is a very refreshing feeling.  I want to make a positive impact on their lives like they do to mine EVERY DAY!!!!